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Search Engine Optimization Fresno

Search engine optimization in Fresno is a specialty of Bruno Novi;
excellent in service, affordable prices, fast turnaround, marketing help, web and graphic design.
There is no charge for the 1st consultation/evaluation in Fresno.

We produce excellent rankings with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the top 3 search engines Google, Bing & Yahoo; many of these rankings are on the first or second pages.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Fresno is critical to your success in being seen online.
Online advertising/marketing is now #1 over TV, Radio and Print (newspapers, magazines, etc.)
Business websites are second to only word of mouth in trusted forms of advertising (source: Nielsen).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the least expensive forms of advertising. This is because many of the other forms of advertising, such as print, radio, TV and even CPC (cost per click) require a cost to publish, insert, display the ad PLUS the cost of the consultant. In our services of SEO the first cost is non-existant, you only pay us (the consultant) a flat fee--no other costs are involved.

Contact us at 559-676-9345 or by typing this email (below) in your favorite email program.

Fresno/Clovis graphic designer

Bruno has been in the graphics/advertising/marketing industry for over 30 years and in the Internet/Web
industry for over 20. He specializes in assisting small businesses with their marketing, sales and advertising needs. The service is one-on-one with the proprietors, providing an invaluable all-around expertise with suggestions and materials for successful sales and identity.


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